WayPoint Coaching was founded in 2013 with a vision of helping people live life with confidence, clarity, passion, and purpose. After a decade of seeing lives and teams transformed, we are more committed than ever to leveraging the science and stats of coaching to impact small and large businesses, startup entrepreneurial ventures, our active duty and veteran military friends and teens most in need of the same support typically reserved for adult high performers. 

Our coaching team is all in on helping develop individuals and teams so they can get where they want to go. Our approach focuses on a “learn, be, do” model of success and fulfillment instead of success or fulfillment. As habits, mindsets, and patterns are explored individuals and teams will quickly begin to recognize what is helpful or not helpful, so they can move forward with power and purpose in their lives and career.

We work with individuals, teams, for-profit organizations, and non-profit organizations looking to continuously improve. We take a brain-based approach to coaching, focusing on strengths-based leadership development, communication, emotional intelligence, team dynamics, and more. We leverage top assessments to offer quantitative data, so we can make a qualitative difference.

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