Who Do I Coach?

I coach high school and college age students. The program I use is designed to help students move forward academically, relationally and personally.  This is a great college and career prep experience that will help students take steps toward increased confidence in who they are, their leadership abilities, and awareness of how they can positively impact their community. Students also gain clarity on what higher education academic programs they may want to pursue. I offer this program for those ages 14 and up.

A portion of my time is reserved for coaching at-risk youth though my nonprofit, WayPoint Youth Foundation. I have experience in working with kids from international orphanages, foster care, and have spent some time with street kids.

Who Do I Train?

I train youth advocates in the Academic Life Coaching Program through a partnership with John Williams and Coach Training EDU, formerly known as Academic Life Coaching. To learn more about coach training classes, please visit my coach training page. To visit the Youth Advocate Coaching website and learn more about our partnership please click here. The coach training course is approved by the International Coach Federation and satisfies the required 60 coach specific training hours needed for those who want to go on to pursue additional certification through the ICF.

Who Else Do I Coach?

I coach adults in every walk of life. I take a whole person approach with my clients focusing not only on what they want to achieve, but who they want to be in the process of their achievement. In addition, I coach small business owners who want to take things to the next level and I coach those with chronic health issues through Riverbend Integrative Medicine.

I reserve a portion of my time to coach Navy SEALs planning to transition out of the military through SEAL Future Fund, an organization whose mission “is to prepare transitioning Navy SEALs for a civilian life of purpose.”


My Story

We each have a story of how we’ve ended up where we are. I’m no different. I’m a mother, a college graduate and have spent most of my adult life working with college students. (Love spending time with them!!) In large part, I have felt fulfilled in what I’ve accomplished and would have continued on that same path had it not been for a friend who said, “There’s this conference coming to town and I think you should go to it.” So I did . . . and things have never been the same since.

It all began at an Independent Living Conference for teens aging out of foster care. As the conference got underway, I realized that the only thing standing between each youth and homelessness was a little piece of paper that said the government would supplement their rent at a local apartment complex for a brief period of time. The air was thick with fear. These teens had no idea how they were going to provide for themselves once their housing vouchers expired. “Joe,” who had recently aged out of foster care, was literally shaking from head to toe as he asked me, “Can you help me get into college?” He was desperate for a way out of the situation he found himself in, through no fault of his own.

After that experience, I began searching for something that could make a difference in the lives of youth, those from stable situations and those from hard places. When I came across the Academic Life Coaching program on the ICF (International Coaching Federation) website, I knew I had found the thing I was looking for.

I began my training and had an immediate love for coaching. I have since found this is my niche, my life’s calling — the way I can make a lasting difference in the lives of others.

14 Years

Experience with college students

10 Years

Work with and on behalf of orphans, foster kids and at-risk youth

Certified ICF Coach

International Coach Federation Associate Certified Coach

Certified Academic Life Coach

International Coach Federation approved program

Youth Advocate Coach Trainer

International Coach Federation approved program

Co-founder of WayPoint Youth Foundation

Coaching and entrepreneurial training for youth from hard places

Empowering people to live well, lead well, & seek justice on behalf of those in need through individual passions, talents, and skills.

So now that you’ve heard a bit about me. . .

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