Do you have anything fun planned for today? As parents and youth advocates, I believe it is imperative that we create space and time for fun. Not just fun for our kids or the students in our lives, but fun for ourselves. Because, let’s be honest, life with kids means we often set our needs or wants on the back burner to meet their seemingly more pressing needs and wants. Ultimately, if we don’t put that choice in check, it can put us in a tough place of losing a part of who we are and who we want to be.

There has been much scientific research on the interplay of fun, laughter, happiness, and success. Fun is part of what make us who we are. It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

What have you given up or put on hold in your life that is fun and makes you happy?

In coaching, we always begin with what is true now, so we can discern what steps need to be taken to get to where we want to go in the future.

  • So, the first question to ask yourself is: what have I given up or put on hold that is fun for me?
  • Next, what do I need to add to my life, or reclaim, to thrive?
  • Then, create an action step to move yourself toward that place you want to be. The action should be specific, measurable, and something you can accomplish in the next week.
  • Once you accomplish your action, create another action to move towards more fun. You will begin to notice momentum building and a positive habit forming.

Some of you may be thinking, wait a minute, I don’t even know what would be fun for me. I’m too tired to think about it.

No worries, that’s where the buckets come in. I will try to get you started with some ideas. You can use one as is, tweak one, or use one as a spring board to something that uniquely fits you. Just remember, it should be fun!

Bucket #1: Personal Fun

  • Try a new recipe as a creative outlet
  • Take time to read that novel that has been collecting dust
  • Sign up for a painting class, pottery class, etc.
  • Go for a walk or hike and enjoy the peace and quiet

Bucket #2: Date Night Fun

  • Find your favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant with tons of character and go out to dinner
  • Pack a picnic dinner and enjoy time in your favorite scenic spot
  • Go dancing
  • Find out what is playing at your local dinner theatre and get tickets

Bucket #3: Friend Fun

  • Meet for coffee or go out for tea at your favorite tea house
  • Skype someone you have always enjoyed, but haven’t connected with lately
  • Invite a friend to the gym or the pool
  • Grab a friend and go to that movie you’ve been interested in

Bucket #4: Larger Group Fun

  • Invite people over you’ve been wanting to get to know for a game night
  • Go play miniature golf with a group
  • Plan a backyard BBQ (almost the right season where we live)
  • Host a block party

Whatever you choose, the key is making sure it is filling for you. Fun and happiness go hand in hand, and as Dale Carnegie says, “People rarely succeed in what they are doing unless they have FUN doing it.”

Fun is something I’m working to focus more on in my life. In fact, creating buckets was my coaching homework for the week. Hope this was as helpful for you as it has been for me.

Please share what you want to do to create more fun in your life this week. I would love to hear!

Thanks for checking out my blog! I am an ICF certified Academic Life Coach and train youth advocates in the Academic Life Coaching 1.0 coach training program. I’m also an adoptive mom, youth advocate and a licensed therapeutic foster parent. For more information about this program for the student in your life or on how to train as a coach, please contact me here.