Are you open to new ideas and approaches to helping others move forward?

Are you able to respond with and add humor to a variety of situations?

Are you comfortable being vulnerable and addressing emotions?

Is it fulfilling for you to watch other people develop, grow and succeed?

Do your family and friends experience you as patient with others?

Do you find it fairly easy to connect with a variety of personality types and backgrounds?

Do you care deeply about people?

Are you passionate about helping others succeed?

Are you the type of person that is able embrace change and step outside of your comfort zone?

Do you value giving and receiving constructive feedback?

Are you comfortable challenging people and sometimes being tough?

Are you empathetic?

Do you believe a coach must be willing to stretch him/herself through ongoing education and experiences in order to be of better service to his/her clients?

Do you agree that people can change and personal challenges can be overcome?

Would you refer to yourself as organized, punctual and reliable?

Are you comfortable with straight-forward communication?

Are you insightful? Can you see the true nature of a situation and recognize patterns?

Are you able to maintain confidentiality?

Do you agree adults and teens have what it takes to create their own solutions for the challenges they face?

Do people in your life say you are a good listener?

Can you see and believe in others’ potential?

Are you able to let go of an idea or intuition if others don’t feel it’s accurate?

Are you naturally curious?

Would you describe yourself as a life-long learner?

Do you often find yourself thinking or saying, “I want to make a difference in the lives of others?”

Finished! Great job working through all the questions.

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