Coaching services are offered by phone, FaceTime, or Zoom online classrooms.

Top Reasons Academic Life Coaching is AH-MAZING for Students

  • The tools taught reduce stress by helping students create new habits, so goals can be reached.
  • Coaching creates space for students to gain confidence and clarity about who they are and how they are uniquely gifted, which increases intrinsic motivation.
  • Students gain the necessary tools and awareness to connect their choices and decisions with their values.
  • When students are less stressed, more motivated and are making healthy choices based on their values, grades go up, relationships improve and students feel empowered to move confidently toward creating a fulfilling future.

What is Academic Life Coaching?

Academic Life Coaching is a leadership development program specifically designed for students. Over the course of 10 one hour sessions, students learn 32 coaching concepts that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Each student will focus on what is really important to him or her. It’s ok if they don’t know yet.  The tools they will learn are designed to help them gain that confidence and self-awareness.

Want to check out what is actually in the Academic Life Coaching student workbook? Click here to preview the contents on Amazon. Each tool is specifically designed to add value, learning, and “aha!” moments as students grow in their awareness of themselves and others.

Why work with me?

I have 14 years of experience working with students on campus, at conferences, and on spring and summer service projects in the US and beyond. I know how students think and what unique stresses they face day to day in the classroom and outside of it. Their world has been my world for much of my professional life. As an ICF certified coach and certified Academic Life Coach I am not only passionate about helping students get where they want to go in life, but I am uniquely qualified to help them get there.

Academic Coaching Package Details:

With this 10 session package students receive:

  • The Academic Life Coaching workbook in paperback or as a digital PDF – your choice
  • 10 one hour coaching sessions by phone or web video conferencing
  • Parent and student access to me by phone or email between sessions
  • Parent email updates on concepts covered after each coaching session

Payment plans are available by credit or debit card. Please contact me to get started.

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Now that you’ve heard about the program and tried an exercise

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