Coaching services are offered by phone, FaceTime, or Zoom online classrooms.

Top Reasons Why Life & Career Coaching Is LIFE-CHANGING!


  • Coaching focuses on what you want to do, AND who you want to be in the process so you can move toward success and fulfillment instead of success or fulfillment.
  • In life situations people often try to speak into the lives of others what they think someone needs to hear or do. In a coaching relationship you will enter into the adventure of uncovering what you KNOW you need to hear and do. YOU are the EXPERT on you.
  • You have a purpose and it aligns with your passion. Coaching can help you get clear on how to bring it all together so you can live life with intentionality.
  • As habitsmindsets, and patterns are explored you will quickly begin to recognize what is helpful or not helpful, so you can move forward in your life and career.
  • Be your own INNOVATION LEADER! Coaching can help you get past a fear of failure, free you up to try new things, and move toward being the BEST version of yourself.

What’s Next And How Do I Get There?

Often clients have great intentions, a vision for what could be, a picture of what they hope one day will be, but no clear path, plan or time-frame in mind for how they are going to actually get there.  Just as often, clients are struggling to figure out what’s next. If you find yourself in either camp, or somewhere in between, life or career coaching is a great investment to make in yourself and your future!

While everyone enters into coaching from a unique place, a common mega theme is a desire to find greater fulfillment. This often includes making a difference in the lives of others. I LOVE helping people leverage their passion, purpose, strengths and abilities for the sake of intentionally doing good on behalf of others. For some the starting place is figuring out what their passion and purpose is in a new phase of life. For others it’s taking a long held idea or dream and turning it into a tangible reality.  Equally exciting is taking a dream that is in process of being fulfilled to the next level. Wherever you are at, coaching can help you can make a unique and powerful difference!

How Do You Approach Coaching?

I’m all in on you getting where you want to go. Whether you know where that is or want to explore what is next I have no doubt in your ability to make it happen. I’m a highly flexible, innovative, and intuitive coach, but beyond that, I don’t give up on people. You have what it takes and for those of you who don’t know that, or aren’t sure what it looks like to live with clarity, passion, and purpose in a new context, I can help. I value setting a high bar for myself and for others simply because I know we can do more than we think we can.

Did I mention coaching is also encouraging, fun, freeing, and full of a spirit of curiosity, exploration, and aha moments? It’s all of that and more! If you want to enter into the adventure and hard work of creating a tangible path toward the future you want, then I am the right coach for you.

Life and Career Coaching Package Details

I offer two life and executive/career coaching packages. You can either sign up for my six session package or if you already know you would like to have a longer coaching engagement, I offer a monthly coaching package.

6 Session Package:

  • 6 one hour coaching sessions via Zoom video conferencing
  • Email or text access to me for follow-up on actions and accountability as needed

Monthly Package:

  • 4 hours of coaching per month via Zoom video conferencing
  • Email and text access to me for follow-up on actions and accountability as needed

I also offer the Harrison Assessment, which is a strengths based career suitability and leadership development tool for those who want to take growth and development to the next level. The report is $250 for current and new clients. If you prefer to take the Harrison as an ala carte option the total fee for the report and a one hour overview with me is $450.

If you would like to schedule a free 20 minute consultation, please click here to access my online calendar and select a time that is convenient for you.

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