Life or Business Coaching


Why Coaching is Life Changing

It’s a completely different approach!


  • Coaching focuses on what you want to doAND who you want to be in the process so you can move toward success and fulfillment instead of success or fulfillment.
  • You are the expert on you! In a coaching relationship you won’t be told what to do. It’s an exploration of what matters to you with accountability to reach your desired outcomes.
  • Mistakes and setbacks are viewed through a lens of learning and growth, not through a lens of failure.
  • Habits, mindsets and patterns are explored as helpful or not helpful. You purposefully choose what you want to keep and what you want to let go of to move forward in life or business.

‘What’s next, and how do I get there?’

Often clients have great intentions, a vision for what could be, a picture of what they hope one day will be, but no clear path, plan or time-frame in mind for how they are going to actually get there.  Just as often, clients are struggling to figure out what’s next. If you find yourself in either camp, or somewhere in between, life coaching is a great investment to make in yourself and your future!

I love the process of helping people like you take a long held idea or dream and turn it into a tangible reality.  Equally exciting is taking a dream that is in process of being fulfilled to the next level.

 What You Can Expect From Me

  • Encouragement, acceptance, and a spirit of curiosity as we explore what you want to create in your life or business through coaching
  • Active listening
  • Thought provoking questions to create awareness or shifts in perspectives
  • Coaching tools you can use for a lifetime personally or in business
  • Direct, honest, and kind communication
  • Help designing actions, planning and goal setting
  • Accountability

Coaching Package Details

A crucial element in life coaching is creating new habits and patterns of behavior. With this in mind, I recommend a range of 6-10 coaching sessions to create a truly effective coaching experience. Typically clients begin with a 6 week commitment and then add sessions as desired. Coaching is by phone or video web conferencing. Please contact me to get started.

The 6 session package is $450 and you will receive:

  • 6 one hour coaching sessions tailored specifically for you
  • Email or text access to me for follow-up on actions and accountability as needed

Additional sessions are $70 each. Payment plans are available by debit or credit card.



Here are a few sample questions to get you started thinking about the things that matter most to you in life or business and the things that may be holding you back.                                                     

  1. Think about one or two people you know who really inspire you.  What about them is inspiring?
  2. What is missing from your life or business that, if you had it, would make your life more fulfilling?
  3. Think of a time or endeavor in which you had a great sense of satisfaction or felt deeply fulfilled.  What about it worked for you?
  4. What are two behaviors or situations you want to remove from your life or business and two you want to add?
  5. What does the voice of your self-limiting beliefs (inner critic) sound like?  What does it say to you?
Powerful Relationships

Try It!

Relationships can be amazingly good and/or amazingly difficult. Please click on the image to try a Powerful Relationship exercise and discover how you can easily recognize and break negative patterns!


**Tool has been adapted and used with permission from Academic Life Coaching.**

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