Brenda Niemeyer

Owner and Coach

Brenda is a dedicated individual who strives to help others achieve their full potential. She thrives on tackling challenging problems and employs a holistic approach to coaching, focusing on values and personal growth. Brenda is an innovative and intuitive leader who values setting high standards for herself and others, as she believes we are capable of more than we think. 

Her passion for helping people extends to her work with executives, military members, entrepreneurs, and teens from disadvantaged backgrounds. Brenda is the founder and owner of WayPoint Coaching Inc. and WayPoint Youth Foundation, and she recently sold her vacation rental business. 

When she’s not working, Brenda enjoys spending time outdoors, engaging in activities such as hiking, kayaking, gardening, and soaking up the sun at the beach. She also cherishes the time spent with her family, including her daughter, who is pursuing a Criminal Justice degree at PLNU, and her son, who is a Sociology Pre-Law major at OSU – Cascades.


Erica McCurdy

   Partner and Coach

Erica is absolutely passionate about the potential of people. An Atlanta native, Erica started her career as an executive in technology but found her passion in entrepreneurism, leadership development, and conflict management. Erica has built several companies across multiple industries, including her favorite start-up, Georgia Sanitation. 

Her practice focuses on helping leaders in transition, including our active duty military members and veterans, executives experiencing leadership challenges, and high-potential people who need leadership development. 

Her husband, Phil, is an attorney who has been practicing in the area for over 30 years. They have three wonderful children attending UVA Medical School, Georgia State Law, and a third who is a graduate of Furman University and works as a commercial pilot. When not working or playing tennis, Erica is working on her goal of reading the entire list of Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novels – She is about halfway through.

Dan Rice

Partner and Coach

Dan is a retired Navy SEAL with two decades of experience leading and managing teams in combat and in politically sensitive situations throughout the world. As a Senior Chief and later a Chief Warrant Officer, Dan has had the privilege of training, developing, and mentoring the Navy SEAL community. His mission is to encourage, motivate, and build a “never quit” mindset while helping people become the best version of themselves. Specializing in innovation and adaptability, Dan’s forte is in finding creative solutions to difficult problems. His coaching style incorporates his own unique method of setting and accomplishing goals, as well as his SEAL mindset, which emphasizes resilience through adversity. 

Dan earned his Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership from the University of Charleston and his MBA from Raymond A. Mason School of Business at the College of William & Mary.

With a passion for the non-profit industry, Dan believes in the importance of embracing gratitude and giving back to the community. He is currently helping veterans and service members navigate issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, alcoholism, addiction, and suicide. In his free time, Dan enjoys camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, and spending time with his family. 


Hannah Amavizca

   Partner and Coach

Meet Hannah Amavizca, a dedicated and compassionate life coach who is passionate about empowering individuals to reach their full potential. With her unwavering enthusiasm, Hannah helps people discover their innate abilities and guides them on a transformative journey towards self-discovery. She specializes in assisting individuals who are uncertain about their true passions and professional purposes, helping them uncover their unique calling. Additionally, Hannah is adept at helping her clients achieve a harmonious balance across all aspects of their lives, enabling them to thrive in every area.

Apart from her work, Hannah is married to an active-duty military spouse, and this connection fuels her unwavering commitment to serving the military community. Whether she’s assisting military personnel during their active duty or supporting their transition into civilian life, Hannah channels her passion to make a positive impact on the lives of those who have selflessly served their country.

Hannah’s warm and empathetic approach, combined with her extensive experience and dedication to personal growth, makes her an invaluable partner and life coach. She is committed to helping individuals unlock their true potential, find fulfillment, and create a life that aligns with their authentic selves. In her personal life, Hannah finds balance and fulfillment through gardening, homesteading, and cherishing the precious moments shared with her children and extended family.


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