Are You Ready for Coaching?

I’m ready to be curious about myself and what is possible in my life.

I’m not sure what is next, but I’m ready to dig in and figure it out.

I’m good with sharing what I need or want in coaching sessions.

I’m ready to commit to the work of building new habits that will move me toward the things that matter most to me.

I’m interested in exploring my purpose and passion.

I’m willing to try to apply the tools and learning that comes from coaching sessions into my daily life.

I am comfortable asking for changes if a coaching strategy isn’t working for me.

I’m good with designing accountability for actions I have chosen to commit to.

I would like to explore how I am uniquely gifted to give back to my community through time and talent.

I’m committed to showing up for scheduled coaching sessions and if I can’t make one, I will communicate ASAP.

Yep, you finished, it was just that easy.

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